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The purpose of the Howell Inferno Basketball Organization is to field competitive AAU Youth Basketball teams that focus on three core principals – TEAMWORK, DEDICATION, and CHARACTER 

Our commitment to each individual is to provide experienced, quality, non-parent coaching with a focal point on the improvement of youth basketball players’ athleticism and basketball knowledge.  While on the court our coaches enhance each players physical and mental training by giving them the tools to reach their goals, developing strong work ethics, creating an environment that optimizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline. Education on health and nutrition, physical fitness and overall well-being is emphasized through year-long offerings of group trainings, camps and workshops. 

While basketball is the core of our program, Howell Inferno Basketball works with our athletes’ families to apply what they learned on the court to their everyday lives.  Together with our families, we promote a nurturing environment so our athletes develop dedication, respect, and friendship while having fun and instilling the love of the basketball. 

Howell Inferno Basketball prides itself as an organization that not only focuses on individual and team excellence, but builds each players character through varied opportunities for community service.  It is our goal to be a positive force in our community, instilling values that will last a lifetime. 


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