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Inferno Organization Information

*We are an AAU Organization. We are NOT a Travel/Rec Organization.

*We currently have 13 teams.  Teams range from 4th grade thru 11th grade.  We have players from Howell, Freehold, Jackson, Lakewood, Toms River and Manalapan.

*We have league teams, tournament teams and college showcase teams (D2/D3).  

Finances - Our organization is a non-profit Level 3 AAU affiliated club, which gives us tax-exempt status under IRS code 501(c)3.  It also enables donations to be tax-deductible. We file a Form 990 each year with the IRS and we post our financial statement on our website each year.  All additional financial information is available for review by any parent (with an appointment). 1099s and a 1096 are filed each year with the IRS for any amounts paid to coaches.  If you have any specific questions regarding our finances, our insurance, or our AAU registration, please contact Joe Amato 732-492-2536

Insurance - Our liability and accident insurance is through AAU.  The insurance requires every youth participant and adult helper (for games or practices) to be registered with AAU.  Having non-AAU players or coaches voids the insurance. It is very important that only AAU registered people are on the court or acting as coaches during games and practices. We also have a workers compensation policy in force, covering any paid coaches. 

Invoicing - All finances are invoiced to individual participants using TeamSnap Invoicing.  Payments are documented via credit card, cash or check with date, amount and check number.  All deposits are double checked by our bookkeeper. Receipts are available upon request.

Fundraising - We have organizational and individual fundraising.  All fundraisers are voluntary, but encouraged.

-Organizational Fundraising is used to help keep down administrative costs (teamsnap, insurance, website, bookkeeping etc.).  

-Individual Fundraising is tracked on an individually rostered spreadsheet.  These funds can be applied to your organization related expenses (registration fees, etc.).  Fundraising money can only be used for these purposes and cannot be paid out to you. It also cannot be returned if you leave the organization or are cut from a team. 

Canning - Canning is a voluntary individual fundraiser. You MUST wear Inferno Apparel. We ask you to say “Please support Inferno Basketball”. Hold doors, offer to carry bags, engage with people.  Be on time to cannings and NO CELLPHONES. The money is totaled for the day and applied equally to players who attended.  Since money collected from canning is "cash", we use a form to track the money received by players/parents.  Each shift is responsible for filling out and signing the form, to track how much is received. The cash is deposited directly in the Inferno bank account and the bank deposit form is matched to the total on the canning collection form. 

Coaches - Prior to coaching, all of our coaches are mandated to be approved and registered with AAU.  AAU performs annual background screenings on all registered adults. Coaches also continue to take classes through the NCAA website or attend seminars.  Coaches are not parents and are paid.

Parents - PLEASE LET THE COACHES COACH .  The players need to learn to listen to their coaches when on court. I know it is hard! Please encourage your child..they are hard enough on themselves.  Work with them AFTER practices and games.. NOT DURING.   If it is a continuous distraction, the coach may ask a parent to not be in the stands.

Play Time - Coaches determine playtime.   We are not a rec organization - Playtime is NOT guaranteed.  The general rule is if you do not attend practice before a will not start.  Generally, all players will see time during the first and second half, but that time is determined by the coach.  Any playtime issues are to be taken up directly with the coach. We strongly recommend to wait 24 hours after a game, before discussing playing time or similar issues with a coach.  Let everyone speak with a clear head.

Teams - Since this is AAU organization, tryouts may occur every few seasons. No team spots are guaranteed. We offer A/B teams at most age levels. Just because you are on an A team does not mean the next tryout you will remain on the A team.  Also, just because you are an A team does not mean you are at the A level in league or tournament play.

Teamsnap - Please update your availability on teamsnap, mandatory 24 hours before an event.  If a guest player is called in and you are able to make the game, the guest player will play before your child.

Training - We have built a great relationship with many trainers, including college coaches.  If you are a "yes" for a training - and you do not show up, you will need to pay for the training spot. Trainings are confirmed and numbers given 24 hours prior to training.

Behavior - Any disruptive or inappropriate behavior by a child or parent will be addressed at the coaching level.  If it escalates to my attention you may be dismissed from the program with NO REFUND.  

Refunds - There are NO refunds for injury or leaving the team during the season.  Each team's pricing is based on the number of players when the season starts.  We are a non-profit organization and cannot absorb the additional costs.


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We encourage a high level of play and working on and off the court to improve.  However let your children enjoy the game and continue to have a love for the sport.

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